William Knudson, Cedar Rapids Podiatrist, Offers Advice for Avoiding Fallen Arches

William Knudson

Dr. William Knudson, long-time Cedar Rapids resident, is not sure where it ranks on the List of Fears, but fallen arches are something to be taken seriously. In Cedar Rapids, William Knudson often advised his patients that fallen arches can be prevented. Here is a brief list of steps to begin considering in your quest to avoid fallen arches.

William Knudson, who recently relocated his practice from Cedar Rapids, has often pointed out the wisdom of asking your podiatrist for foot exercise ideas. In fact, William Knudson’s Cedar Rapids patients remember the doctor informing them that the foot needed to be exercised daily like any other muscle in the body. During his tenure in Cedar Rapids, William Knudson would suggest that “shaking out the foot” each day was a good habit. “We would see patients in Cedar Rapids,” says William Knudson, “who seldom let their feet relax. So we would advise them to simply shake them out.”

When possible, Cedar Rapids native William Knudson also recommended doing jogging or running off pavement or cement. This little action can make a big difference, according to William Knudson, former Cedar Rapids podiatrist. And while exercise is important, William Knudson was sure to share with his Cedar Rapids patients that wearing the proper shoes for exercise is even more important.

Cedar Rapids’ William Knudson also pointed out that doctor recommended shoe inserts are a great option. If a patient is beginning to experience pain or the flattening of feet, a qualified podiatrist can recommend the right shoe insert that will help. During his time in Cedar Rapids, podiatrist William Knudson says he “recommended quite a few shoe inserts.”

Finally, according to William Knudson, the right shoes often made the difference for his Cedar Rapids patients. During his many years of practice in the Cedar Rapids metro area, several patients of William Knudson were asked to consider wearing a wooden sandal with a stiff platform. In addition, William Knudson might suggest that parents allow their children to go barefoot in the summertime. The former Cedar Rapids podiatrist says that many doctors can prescribe orthotics to insert into shoes and according to William Knudson, these orthotics help adjust weight bearing.

While these are simple beginning ideas, Dr. William Knudson, formerly of Cedar Rapids, has given four quick steps to help readers in Cedar Rapids – or anywhere – to avoid the fallen arch.

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